Forex Mentoring Program

With Real Professional Trader & Mentor

Top level Forex trading mentorship, combining one-on-one theory training with a full year of carefully guided and supervised practice. Successful students get to trade for clients and earn a significant share of the profit

At Bulletproof Traders we take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to build a fully operational business by not just trading the markets, but also providing top-level price predictions and trading signals to high-net investors and brokers. That’s what separates us from the pack!

Are you looking to create a new source of income working from the comfort of your home?

Are you looking to develop your skill-set so you can trade the markets for a living ?

Are you looking to build an exciting and rewarding career as a trader and analyst ?

Learn How To Become A Full-time Trader

Learning how to trade alone is fine, but becoming a successful trader alone is very difficult

Are you new to forex trading or someone who’s battled through the early stages of becoming a trader from home, on your own and without real support? Are you looking for the best way to learn forex trading from real professional traders? Or, are you one of the few people that know you have what it takes to get to a professional level, but still looking for the last missing link? Welcome to the most advanced and comprehensive Forex Mentor Online program in the industry.

One-On-One Mentorship program for Forex and Crypto traders

Bulletproof Forex Trading Mentorship program is designed and tailored to each individual student ensuring they are obtaining the most out of their education as part of our Forex Trading School. We offer 3 comprehensive mentorship programs for both beginners and experienced traders.

You no longer have to to do it alone...

The problem with learning to trade forex alone is that you can only go so far. When you get confused or lost – you’re alone. Yes, you can submit a ticket to get support, but it often comes from someone who doesn’t know any more than you do. Our Forex Trading Mentorship Program approach is different. in addition to being mentored by a world class professional trader, you also get access to our Members Area for a full year of top level Free practice that is absolutely priceless! 

Learn how to trade like a pro the Bulletproof Traders way

Instant Access – No Long Term Commitments

Trading can be very exciting and rewarding when you know how to play the game

Like most things in life, trading isn’t complicated when you know what you’re doing. If you can discipline yourself to learn the “ropes” of the trade, you can become a full-time professional trader and transform your life for ever.

That’s the true power of Forex trading. It literally gives you the ability to generate your own wealth, and achieve a life of comfort and freedom.

None of this is too complicated if you approach it the right way. Our Private Forex Trading Mentorship is an excellent option, affording you round-the-clock direct access to a real professional trader, who will guide you through the basics to the advanced levels of Forex trading.

What are you waiting for?
It’s time to learn to trade like a pro

Instant Access – No Long Term Commitments

We’ve mentored over 750 trainee traders since 2012

Most traders who come to Bulletproof Traders have tried lots of ways to learn to trade alone. Granted, learning alone is convenient and cost-effective, but you will miss out on the real insights you get when you train with a professional trader who trade the markets for a living.

The problem with trading education is that it’s glossy, shiny and comes with all sorts of promises. When you sign up, you think you’re getting access to professional knowledge, but in fact what you’re getting is an array of ‘get rich quick’ schemes that will never materialize. The reality is that you never get close to a real professional trader, so you don’t learn from their experience and don’t get the level of training required to achieve long-term success.

Learn to trade the Bulletproof Traders way

Bulletproof Forex Trading Mentorship Program gets you up close and personal with the traders on our team and their trading activities in real-time. No matter your current level, at Bulletproof Traders we teach you our proven strategies and supply you with all the tools you need in order to build a reliable source of income for a lifetime. Moreover, every single day we show you in real-time, every trading decision we make and the reasons behind it. ‘We always put our money where are mouth is’.

At Bulletproof Traders, if you have a problem or a question and you’re not sure what to do next, you get round-the-clock answers from real professional traders, not anonymous, outsourced help-desk ‘wanna be’ traders, who really don’t know any better than you do.

Successful traders get the opportunity to trade for clients and get a significant share of the profits.

If you dream of quitting your day job, retiring early, or simply having the ability to build the most exciting and rewarding career as a full-time trader, this could be perfect for you, especially if you have limited funds. Our student funding program gives you the chance to trade for our clients and receive up to 50% profit share every month. Naturally, you will need to prove yourself by providing a minimum 6 months of profitable track record. But hey, if you are good enough the sky is the limit!

Mentorship Program Curriculum

The hidden truth of market analysis and price prediction

The #1 mistake almost all traders make, right from the get-go, is “trusting” the popular methods and trading techniques that the technical analysis body of knowledge has to offer. Here is where we set the record straight and expose traditional technical analysis as the fraud it actually is. Literally the biggest obstacle traders face while trying to build a successful trading career.

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

The deceptive nature of Technical Analysis

If it's common knowledge it's bound to fail

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Separating yourself from the pack

We don't go with the "flow", We go against it...

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

How to 2x your overall success rate

A small change can make a world of difference

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

The "must have" trading tool

Reliable support & resistance system is a game changer

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

The successful trader mind-set

Systematic approach as a success proven formula

Position trading: The safest path to success

Position trading is all about the longer term cycles. These cycles are best observed, and cross-analyzed against the monthly, weekly and daily timeframe charts. Position trading provides the flexibility to execute all trading activities under 30 min’ a day and without the burden of having to monitor trades for hours on end.

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Limiting trading to 30 min' a day

Less is more - How to avoid over-trading

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

The ulimate decision making factor

Closing bar as the true balance of power between buyers and sellers

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Introduction to price-action trading

"Naked" chart analysis - Removing all visible distractions

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Position building from the ground up

Letting price action lead the way

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

The art of "trend riding"

Hitting the jackpot

Cyclical analysis and the nature of price action

The most efficient way for you to set yourself on on a course to become consistently profitable trader, is by adopting and utilizing a highly reliable support & resistance system (A.K.A Key-level system) in your trading routine. The sooner the better!

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

The nature of price action

Consolidations vs Trends

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Introduction to Cross-price Matrix

capitalizing on reoccurring patterns

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Sideways movements & trading ranges

The consolidation phase

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Formations and setup structure

Basic principles for identification and construction

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Fundamentals of cyclical analysis

The dynamics between short and long term cycles

Integration of advanced trading techniques

The basic and common applications of the Fibonacci methods are well known and have been used by traders for decades. However, the basic applications are simply not reliable enough, which makes it very difficult to keep sustainable profitability over the long run. On the other hand, an advanced version of these applications is a real game changer.

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

The mathematical framework

Science based approach and validation

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

How to avoid the common pitfalls

Know the system from the inside out

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Advanced Fibonacci for professionals

Jacking up probability levels and success rates

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Qualified reversal patterns

The x-ray vision

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Assessing reliable price-targets

Always preparing for the exit

Further down the rabbit hole - Mastery level

This module of the best Forex mentoring program is where we connects all the dots. Here, we provide a lot of practice on live markets, presenting case studies and trading opportunities in real-time. From the analysis stage and all the way to building trading plans and finally, the execution of profitable trades.

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Decision making process from A to Z

Creating a complete trading plan from scratch

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Filtering out the noise

Additional tricks and techniques

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Advanced dual time-frame setup

Taking it to the next level

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Advanced triple time-frame setup

The ultimate predictive system

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Connecting all the dots

A complete system analysis

Where the rubber meets the road

On this module we teach and demonstrate how to apply the Cross-price Matrix model from A to Z, quickly and effectively across different markets. In addition to analyzing and trading the Forex market, we also analyze and trade the Futures and Cryptocurrency markets for better diversification of our trading activities. 

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Practical case studies

Live market trading simulations

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Wall-street is under the microscope

Having a strong grip on the leading indices

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Commodities market trading

Trading Gold, Silver and Crude OIL

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Crypto-currency market trading

High volatility - Zero leverage trading

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Balancing out different markets

Don't put all eggs in the same basket

Risk & Money management for professionals

Risk management is one of the most important aspects of successful trading. Once you learn how to deal effectively with market risk on a daily basis, your trading skills will improve significantly. Here you will find all the information you need in order to create a sensible and practical risk management plan for your day to day trading.

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Correlation analysis & asset allocation

Risk control diversification tactics

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Bulletproof position management

The Scale-in/Scale-out method

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Guidelines for risk to reward ratios

tipping points sniping tactics

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Protective stop-loss management

The art of stop-loss trailing

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Leverage and position size analysis

The conservative approach

Selling analytical content and trading signals to brokers and high-net investors

Being a professional trader opens up more venues and opportunities to expend our income capacity. On top of trading, we can also sell high-level analytical content services to both companies and individuals. Services such as market forecasts, alerts and trading signals, educational training, real-live account disclosure, price predictions, coaching and more. These additional services may turn out to be the cornerstone of your trading business.  

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Setting up a full-spectrum trading business

Selling price predictions and trading ideas

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Building up a fan base full of loyal followers

Providing quality content via social media and trading sites

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Reaching out to brokers and investors

Negotiating and securing analytical content deals

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Setting up a membership site or a blog

Reaching out to the vast trading community

Forex Trading Mentorship 1

Offering high-level education and training

Courses, webinars, coaching and everything in between

One-On-One Private Mentorship

Imagine what life would be like if you could learn and master the art of trading once and for all. Forex Trading Mentorship is truly an exceptional VIP program that will qualify you to identify and execute profitable trading ideas and opportunities, make smart trading decisions and build a long-term successful career as a trader & analyst.


The Most Powerful Analytical System

Get immediate and full access to the same powerful analytical system we use every day to successfully trade the Forex and Crypto markets for a living.

Free Access To Our Member Area For A Year

Get immediate and full access to Bulletproof Traders Members Area for a year. This is where we share our trading activities in real-time and on live accounts.

Step-By-Step Guidance

From basics to advanced trading methods and techniques, and all the way to mastering the craft of trading. We walk you through everything step-by-step.

Proprietary Online Training Program

Unlimited access to our proprietary training program. Over 450 minutes of videos explaining the whole trading strategy in great detail.

Join Our Growing Community

Join Bulletproof Traders family, watch the daily trading sessions and follow our in-house trading accounts. We trade live in front of our clients, making trading decisions on the spot, as they present themselves.

Help & Support

Our #1 goal is to help you succeed. That’s why we offer so much support. When you work with us you get unlimited access to our Help Desk. Ask questions and get advice from real traders.



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Simply, choose your preferred plan according to your level of trading experience, time availability and financial situation. Click on the “Free Call-back Consultation” button and we will get back to you within 48 hours to discuss program details and advice on the best way to move forward.

We use screen sharing live-web conferencing by Zoom to engage with our trading students one-on-one. We also use Skype and WhatsApp to further communicate with our trainees.  


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Roy Cuzin

CEO and Head Trader

Roy is a renowned master analyst and trader with over 20 years of experience. He is the co-founder at Bulletproof Traders, an industry leading FX & Crypto trading membership site. He is also the founder of one of the most advanced trading educational programs on the market - Cross-price Matrix. Roy is a trading mentor who has been where you are now and worked his way up to the point he was able to semi-retire and just focus on trading the markets for a living.

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