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Blog 28

Neckline Trading – Double Top Pattern

Neckline Trading There are very few trading setups that excites us as much as the Neckline – Double Top setup. This trading technique is a …

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Blog 29

Trading Secrets – Price Pattern Trading

Here are some of our trading secrets. We always keep reminding our members, followers and fellow traders to be carful and highly suspicious of the …

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Blog 30

Fibonacci Retracement Strategy – Double-bottom Pattern

The trading community have always had great respect to the Fibonacci methodology in general, and to the Fibonacci retracement strategy more specifically. the famous ratios …

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Blog 31

Price Action Setups – How to Identify Trend Reversal

How to Identify Trend Reversal Price action trading considered by many to be the highest form of trading. The type of trading that is usually …

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Blog 32

Best Forex Technical Analysis

Based on my own personal experience of thousands of hours studying and analyzing countless charts, I can confidently say that markets are no ‘random walk’. …

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Blog 33

Forex Swing Trading Strategies

The combination of high-frequency trading, and staring at intra-day charts all day long carries a heavy weight of physiological burden. Most day traders are failing …

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Blog 34

Become a Successful Forex Trader

Up until two decades ago, trading the markets was a whole different ball of game, in which only big companies or high net worth individuals …

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Blog 35

Most Accurate Forex Signals

There are literally thousands of signal providers from pretty much all over the world. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them (like with most other areas …

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