Crypto trade of the week – Ripple – The big opportunity

Crypto trade of the week – Ripple – The big opportunity

Bulletproof Traders in-house trading activities presents our long-term bullish position on the Ripple.

While all of the leading coins were hammering during the last few weeks, there was one leading coin which not only was not following the rest of the pack, but was actually going on the opposite direction. That was the Ripple.

Crypto trade of the week - Ripple

Due to series of internal legislative issues, the Ripple was tanking hard and all the way to the bottom. For us, here at Bulletproof Traders, that meant a huge trading opportunity was in the making. 

Since most of the leading coins have reached their all time high (or about to reach their all time high), it seems like the Ripple has a lot of catching up to do. Check out this video, Crypto trade of the week,  where we lay out our entire game plan on Ripple for the next upcoming weeks. 

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