Crypto trade of the week – Litecoin – Massive false breakout

Crypto trade of the week – Litecoin – Massive false breakout

Bulletproof Traders in-house trading activities present our current overview on the Litecoin.

Are we facing the massive this cryptocurrency false breakout?

The Litecoin had hit a huge wall of resistance at 175.85, just as we expected and warned over during last month. the big pullback off that important resistance key-level is a serious indication for a potential full-fledged downside reversal.   

A turnaround at this point could be a very big deal, sending its price to the levels it came from back in late 2020, when it first started to build this bullish cycle.   

This means that we might be witnessing Litecoin entering yet another bear market with the potential to cut up to 75% off its current value.       

Watch our video – Massive false breakout.

Litecoin False Breakout

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