Ai module

The main know-how

Undoubtedly, without rigorous research in algo trading (Algorithmic Trading), machine learning (ML), data processing (Big Data) and artificial intelligence (AI), it is impossible to achieve stable results in creating 100% automatic and autonomous trading systems.

We have been dealing with these areas for a long time, and we can proudly say that these technologies are already being used in existing robots.

Particularly speaking about artificial intelligence, we have already modeled and tested its work, and we are in the final stage of launching the algorithm. The AI module is a system of autonomous learning and automatic re-optimization of the parameters of trading robots, based on constantly receiving new data from the real market.

Everything that happens in the world related to trading on financial markets, any tick fluctuations, key news and so on; everything is uploaded into the module in real time. Thanks to the AI module, the trading system automatically adjusts to the new conditions:

volatility has increased dramatically, the trend has changed, the stage of stagnation has begun, everything is taken into account. The system recognizes the smallest changes and adapts, independently replacing its own parameters in order to cope more effectively in the new conditions with the main task: maximum risk reduction with maximum income increase.