Never miss the opportunity. 100% automated trading system which does all the trading for you.
Unique intelligent algorithm looking every millisecond for the best conditions to enter the market and take profits as soon as possible to avoid long term risk trading. Performs with stable results on different market conditions as high impact news, trends and flat.

Unique features

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+1,7-2,2% returns each month

In the process of testing on historical data and during real trading, the trading system finishes every month exclusively with a positive increase. 100% automatic; makes more than 20+ small trades daily with an indicator of profitable transactions +73%.

Zero risk of human errors

(anxiety, stress, loss of focus, greed, order mistakes etc.) 95% of human traders lose money because of these mistakes. Consequently, the only way to make money consistently on the forex market is through a bot or becoming one.

Risk management

ForexTraderAI has been tested over the last few years on real tick data (accuracy of 99.99%) to optimize profits and reduce risk. It has a custom risk limiting feature.

Safety fuse

Built in the trading system, it allows to detect sudden market movements and suspend the trading process of the system in order to automatically resume work when high volatility in the market is over.

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