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Our Trading Academy Program is all about teaching, training and coaching the new and revolutionary way of analyzing and predicting price movements across different markets, with primary focus on the Forex & Crypto markets.

Our success proven trading methodology is highly unique and sophisticated, and is guaranteed to replace the old and inefficient trading methods such as the Elliott Wave, Fibonacci or Gan. These and others have largely failed to provide a clear and effective tools to predict the markets, certainly not to the extent they claim to.

This new and ground-breaking way to analyze price action involves cyclical analysis withing well-defined mathematical framework. Mastering the Cross-price Matrix model will transform the way you trade forever.


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If you join Bulletproof Traders Club 30-Day membership plan (for the price of a daily cup of coffee) within the next hour, you will get our award winning VIP Price-Action Trading course (Listed price $297) for absolutely FREE

It includes recordings of 16 video lessons (each around 30 minutes long) fully dedicated to price-action trading, based on our proprietary model - Cross-price Matrix. It’s all about a systematic and success proven trading methodology that have been built and refined over the last 20 years, packed to the teeth with valuable and practically applicable information.

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